Choose Your Sakura Experience.  At Sakura Restaurant we have many different dining areas for you to dine in.

Hibachi Grills:

Have fresh steak, seafood and chicken prepared in front of you on the Hibachi grill tables.  A great place for couples to have a great time and meal.  Lunch Menu  Dinner Menu

Tatami Rooms:

Sit Japanese style in one of the three private tatami rooms (1 room seats 4, 1 seats 6 and 1 seats 8) serving traditional Japanese cuisine such as sukiyaki and shabu-shabu.  Lunch Menu  Dinner Menu

Sushi Bar :

Try our sushi bar with an outstanding selection of fresh fish and outstanding rolls. Menu

Bar Area:  

Sit in our always lively Bar area and enjoy any of our delicious offerings.

Pick Your dining experience and…

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Tatami Rooms Sakura Restaurant